Asbury Commit Campaign

For the last several months Asbury’s Strategic Planning Team (Pastor Kip, Pastor Matt, Nathan Grau, Tina Jackson, and Cindy Nelson) have been working toward the development of a plan for the future of our ministry together at Asbury. The Commit Campaign emerged from this work with the goal of generating a strategic plan to help us align our mission in ministry with our vision to be a community that is experiencing life change and growth because of Jesus.

Below, you will find a link to the first draft of the Commit Campaign Strategic Plan. It outlines the team’s recommended goals to guide us over the next five years in our ministry at Asbury. These goals emerged after prayerful consideration and many hours of conversation with the congregation, leadership, and the Strategic Planning Team and we are excited about the hopes, dreams, and opportunities expressed by the people of Asbury throughout this process. 

You are invited to read through this first-draft proposal and we are asking for further input to help in the refinement of the plan as we continue to work toward the development and adoption of a final draft. To leave feedback about what is in this draft of the Commit Campaign Strategic Plan, you are invited to use the comment form found here by Sunday, June 11, 2023. 

Comments will be considered as a part of our conversation about the plan as part of Asbury’s Administrative Council meeting on Thursday, June 15. From there, the Strategic Planning Team will adapt and adjust the plan in the creation of a proposed final draft to be presented to the Administrative Council on Thursday, July 6 for adoption.

We want to thank all who have contributed to this process through participation in congregational meetings, individual conversations, and prayer over the last several months. We also would like to thank the Strategic Planning Team for their hard work behind the scenes in helping us discern where to focus our time and energy as we envision the next 3-5 years of our ministry together at Asbury.



Demographic Studies

The following demographic studies of the area surrounding Asbury were provided by the Dakotas Conference Office with the most recent data available:

Executive Insight- 1 mile

Quick Insight- 1 mile

Quick Insight- 5 miles

Quick Insight- 10 miles

Asbury stakeholder conversation summaries

Between November 2022 and January 2023 Asbury's Strategic Planning Team carried out over 30 conversations with individuals and couples from Asbury to identify the church's strengths and weaknesses and to hear their dreams for the future of Asbury. The following document is a brief summary of those conversations.

Asbury Stakeholder Conversation Summary

Strategic Plan A3

This document is a strategic planning tool that outlines why the project exists, some of the current ministry conditions, goals and plans for the strategic planning process, and potential areas for follow up once the strategic plan is created.

Asbury Strategic Plan A3

Asbury core values assessment

This document is a brief outline of Asbury's core values that were determined by the Strategic Planning Team based on the individual stakeholder, Asbury ministry team, and congregational meetings that took place between November 2022 and January 2023. We addressed these core values more fully in the message series "Why Am I Here?" that was presented February 5-19, 2023. Those messages may be found on our Message Archives page.

Asbury Core Values Assessment